Our partnership with Tektronix enables us to offer a comprehensive range of products to meet your business requirements in West Africa. From testing and measurement to inspection and detection, as well as service assurance solutions, we have you covered with top-quality equipment and services.

Tektronix, a renowned American company, specializes in designing and manufacturing electronic test and measurement equipment. Its inception dates back to 1946, when C. Howard Vollum and Melvin J. Murdock founded the company in Portland, Oregon, with a name derived from “technology” and “electronics.”

Throughout its history, Tektronix has been a pioneering force in the test and measurement industry, introducing innovative products that have significantly influenced the electronics sector. The company’s most notable contribution lies in the development of oscilloscopes, electronic test instruments that visualize and analyze electrical signals. Tektronix oscilloscopes have found widespread use in engineering, research, telecommunications, and education.

In addition to oscilloscopes, Tektronix has been instrumental in creating waveform monitors and vectorscopes, essential tools in the broadcast and video production industry for analyzing video signals and ensuring quality standards. The company’s involvement in spectrum analyzers, crucial devices for analyzing frequency spectrums in RF and telecommunications, has also been significant.

Tektronix’s product range extends to signal generators, facilitating precise electronic signal production for testing and calibrating various electronic devices and systems. Furthermore, the company has played a crucial role in digital electronics by developing logic analyzers, essential for debugging and analyzing digital circuits and systems.

Catering to industries such as aerospace, defense, automotive, telecommunications, semiconductor, and education, Tektronix has diversified its product offerings over time.

Tektronix provides products  for communications which supports optical and digital networks across seas, borders and mobile broadband services today.

Tektronix also offers components and accessories and using these accessories, you are allowed certain levels of customization of their products to meet your business needs.

You can go through Tektronix’s catalogue here.

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