Government & Education

Federal Government, State and Local Government

Government IT Services procurement and Custom Software Development.

Our Government procurement experts have the training and experience to offer rapid-response in IT products and services procurement focusing on specialized needs of Federal, State and Local Government needs. Our Account Managers understand the complexities and purchasing vehicles unique to your procurement process. They will help you navigate our extensive products and solutions to find one that matches your needs and your budget. We will support your efforts to optimize your infrastructure, and maintain operations while cutting costs to stretch every budget.

United Nations

World-wide IT Procurement and support for UN and NGO

LiviaSoft has extended our experience with government procurement to tailor suitable service delivery for United Nations (UN) in global scale. NGOs around the world use the UN procurement template for their procurement needs, so our experience allows us meet the unique needs of NGO using open source solutions to cut down on IT cost, while using our fast network of partners to be able delivery IT services anywhere in world.

Higher Education

The right IT Solution for Higher Education

Budget is a major concern for High Education, we have services and solutions that will stretch your budget to have you better ROI and our team of experts can design and implement cost-effect, cutting-edge IT solution suitable for your unique environment. These solutions help improve faculty effectiveness and motivate student learning accounting for changing landscapes.

K-12 Education

Technology-driven learning environment for K-12 Education

Increasingly, school districts or individual schools are taking the initiatives to have technology-driven learning environment. Our team of experts is able to design and implement cost-effective, cutting-edge IT solutions suitable prepare K-12 students and faculty for challenges ahead. Our procurement services and partnership of large sets of companies with educational solutions, allows us mix and match services and solutions to best needs your district or individual school needs.

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