We are partnered with Anritsu to supply products to fulfil your business needs by providing solutions ranging from testing & measurement, inspection & detection, and service assurance within West Africa. Anritsu  has always supported advancements of  the information-telecommunication sector and makes a  promise in order to ensure that there is continuous advancement in the sector. That promise is in their motto “envision : ensure.”

Anritsu has a variety of  devices ranging from Oscilloscopes to Signal (or Spectrum) Analysers and Signal Generators. These devices can be used across many fields including Education, Telecommunications, Electronics Manufacturing & Testing, etc.
In the 120 years since its establishment, Anritsu has been the starting point of many kinds of wireless and wired communication devices. They have achieved this through a constant cycle of figuring out what people needed in each new age and creating new technology out of existing technology. Anritsu’s measuring instruments are a symbolic example of this. Measuring instruments are high-tech devices for measuring signals and radio waves, and are essential in the development and production of communication devices.

Anritsu cemented its position in the test and measurement industry through overseas expansion of its business in measuring instruments for microwave circuits, including business from AT&T, the largest telecommunications company in the US. 

Anritsu provides products  for communications which supports optical and digital networks across seas, borders and mobile broadband services today.

Anritsu also offers components and accessories and using these accessories, you are allowed certain levels of customization of their products to meet your business needs.

“Anritsu promises to share our dream with our customers and create a vision. A vision that, through innovation, leads to tangible results that exceed customer expectations.”

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