TBS2000B Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Tektronix TBS2000B Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope
July 26, 2023
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TSO820 and TSO8C17/18 8 Series Sampling Oscilloscope

Tektronix TSO820 and TSO8C17/18 8 Series Sampling Oscilloscope

Key performance specifications

  1. Optical bandwidth above 30 GHz
  2. Single mode and multi-mode support for short and long wavelength optical testing
  3. Optical Reference Receiver (ORR) support for standard compliance testing

Key features

  1. Disaggregated: The product consists of the TSO820 mainframe, pluggable modules, acquisition hardware, and the TSOVu software analysis application that runs on a user’s PC with Windows. Users have the capability to scale their analysis platforms to their needs and can connect from anywhere on the network
  2. Configurable: The TSO820 mainframe supports user- swappable current and future optical modules
  3. Accurate testing and characterization of short or long wave optical signals using the high sensitivity and low noise performance of the TSO8C17 or TSO8C18 modules
  4. Optical reference receivers (ORR)1 supports specified requirements for standards-mandated compliance testing
  5. User configurable bandwidth supported through Bandwidth Enhancement (BWE) filters. Extend the TSO8C17 and TSO8C18 optical bandwidth up to 35 GHz in 0.0001 GHz increments for precise control
  6. Extinction ratio measurements with built-in variable ER correction to ensure accuracy and repeatability
  7. TSOVu: Oscilloscope software application that runs independent of the oscilloscope mainframe on users’ computers or server for both live and post-processing of acquired data
  8. TSOVu offers comprehensive analysis of NRZ or PAM4 optical signals. Includes support for eye diagrams, NRZ mask testing, optical measurements such as TDECQ, and other standard measurements
  9. New measurement plug-ins can be dynamically installed as needed
  10. Simultaneous capture of all channels at a high sample acquisition rate of 300 kS/s
  11. Sophisticated Programmatic Interface (PI) for automation environments enables the highest test throughput. Each command supports full data synchronization, eliminating the need for wait / sleep statements

The 8 Series Sampling Oscilloscope provides a comprehensive optical test solution for telecom and datacom applications, as well as general purpose optical component testing. The TSO8C17 and TSO8C18 optical modules provide > 30 GHz optical bandwidth, plus fully integrated Optical Reference Receivers (ORR) enabling both single mode and multi-mode conformance testing at 850 nm, 1310 nm, and 1550 nm bands.

Compliance testing

Compliance test for 10G, 50G, 100G, 200G, and 400G IEEE 802.3TM standards such as 400GBASE-FR8, 400GBASE-DR4, and similar optical direct detect standards. The TSO820 Sampling Oscilloscope is also designed to support high speed NRZ standards such as 100 Gb Ethernet (100GBASE-LR4 or similar) that operates at a rate of 25.78125 Gb/s. Stay up-to-date on the latest standards changes by updating or adding new measurement plug-ins as they are released.

Disaggregated architecture

Traditional oscilloscopes perform signal acquisition and analysis in the same instrument. However, as the instrument ages, the relative processing power becomes obsolete over time. The 8 Series Sampling Oscilloscope turns this notion upside-down and features a disaggregated architecture, which separates the acquisition hardware and analysis platform. TSOVu can be installed on any Windows machine, giving users the freedom to choose the laptop readily available in the lab, a server connected to the network, or anything in between.



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