2 Series MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
Tektronix 2 Series MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
July 26, 2023
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Tektronix LPD64 6 Series Low Profile Digitizer
July 26, 2023
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DataVu-PC Software

Tektronix DataVu-PC Software

Features & Benefits

  1. Enables easy recording for all Tektronix USB instruments, supporting up to 2 units operating simultaneously at independent frequencies and spans, recording at bandwidths from 9.7 kHz to 40 MHz
  2. Instruments can be controlled, and spectrums displayed, at spans up to the maximum of the instrument frequency range for fast signal discovery over broad frequency ranges
  3. Frequency-mask search finds events based on user-defined spectral profiles
  4. Pulse analysis calculates start/stop time, average/peak power, pulse duration, Pulse Repetition Interval (PRI) and start/stop frequencies on up to 2,000,000 pulses
  5. Pulse analysis results can be saved in Pulse Descriptor Word (PDW) format for use with other tools
  6. File progress bar gives analysis position at a glance, with visual display of marker events
  7. Provides analysis for all recording solutions (RSA300/500/600/5000/7100 series), minimizing time spent learning new tools
  8. Color-graded spectrum density display visualizes infrequent signal occurrences, reducing analysis time
  9. Color-graded spectrogram display shows time and frequency relationships
  10. Power vs. time display provides streaming zero-span display for detailed pulse analysis
  11. FFT overlap and speed controls optimize between highest probability of
  12. intercept vs. analysis time
  13. User settable sliders for start/stop point saves time in re-examination of signals of interest
  14. Export areas of interest to .XDAT, .SIQ or .TIQ formats for further analysis
  15. eMarkers provide search, mark and save on up to 2,000,000 user- defined amplitude events
  16. Analyzes files in .XDAT format from any source, including third-party recording solutions

DataVu-PC makes short work of recording and searching through large datasets for signals of interest. You can measure, control, and record with two USB instruments simultaneously, then search for and measure pulses and other signals, minimizing time spent in post-capture analysis.


  • Spectrum management
  • Interference hunting
  • Pulsed signal analysis
  • SIGINT data collection
  • EW testing
  • RF system design

DataVu-PC analysis saves you time and helps you succeed

When combined with the signal recording capabilities of all Tektronix spectrum analyzers, DataVu-PC can turn hours of attended monitoring into fast post-acquisition search, mark and measurement tasks. You can search based on signal amplitude and frequency characteristics, marking each occurrence of an event for later examination. Pulse measurements can be made with the pulse application on up to 2,000,000 pulses and PDWs can be exported in tab-delimited format with headers for integration into other workflows.

Should you need to perform in-depth modulation, pulse or standards-based analysis, DataVu-PC can convert recordings to the SignalVu-PC file format (.TIQ), and can convert recordings made with Tektronix USB-based spectrum analyzers and SignalVu-PC from .R3F format into formats compatible with DataVu-PC.

Three bandwidth options are available to make DataVu-PC an affordable tool to analyze large files from all Tektronix recording spectrum analyzers.

DataVu-PC offers highly flexible, 2-channel recording with USB spectrum analyzers

DataVu-PC offers recording using two RSAs so that you can operate at two independent frequencies and spans simultaneously. One instrument can be used for wide-span signal detection and a second instrument can be used for isolation on signals of interest and recording for later analysis. Or, both instruments can be used for recording. You can record in bandwidths from 9.7 kHz to 40 MHz. Recording in narrower bandwidths reduces data loads, minimizing disk space and search times.



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