LiviaSoft Technologies Limited in association with Anritsu and Tektronix cordially invites you to a two (2) day workshop via remote web conferencing platform (Zoom).

The two (2) day workshop will focus on directing the available resources towards bridging the existing knowledge gap so our students can start experiencing hands-on usage of modern engineering tools and thereby learn the ability to interpret the data generated by such equipment. In that regard, we will effectively look to cover the following areas:

  • Advocating for better interventions for Electrical Engineering and
    Telecommunications labs and their affiliates in Tertiary Institutions; and an excursion into the building blocks of modern laboratory and test
    equipment such as: DAC’s and ADC’s, DSP techniques, FPGA’s, ASIC’s, embedded software, Software Defined Radio Technologies, Machine Learning tools, etc.
  • General principles of modern equipment suitable for student experiments and academic staff research projects such as Display technologies, embedded data storage facilities, programmability, flexibility, low power consumption techniques, multichannel operational capabilities etc.
  • The Anritsu and Tektronix, what they do, their educational Laboratory tools, and their application; as a case study of how modern-day laboratory equipment can lessen the knowledge gap between theory and practical knowledge.
  • Hands-on workshop on how these Laboratory tools can be used to optimize the learning experience in Electrical Electronics, Telecommunications, or physics laboratories. The practical session and demonstration of Anritsu and Tektronix equipment will include:

(a) Spectrum Analysers and waterfalls
(b) Frequency generators/ synthesizers/counters
(c) Software emulations and Software Defined Radio (SDR)
(d) Remote and networked operations


Date: 1st and 2nd August, 2022.

Venue: Online via Zoom (Event Link to be sent to registered participants)

Time: 9:00am to 3:00PM (Daily)

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